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Benefits of On-site Safety

Experience gathered at many sites has shown that on-site vending reduces consumable safety product spend by 30% or more, through better accountability and control on the distribution of these items. Further cost savings can be achieved through improved inventory management and forecasting and with reduced labour associated with distribution of these flowing supplies. Vending also protects products from dust and damage.

What products can be stocked?

A standard machine has 6 shelves, each with 10 coils and each coil can hold a maximum of 20 items and a minimum of 2 (subject to size).

Items that can be displayed include;

  • Safety Vests
  • Gloves
  • Safety Eyewear
  • Hearing Protection
  • Sunscreens
  • Consumables such as batteries, tape measures & first aid supplies

Due to size restrictions, hard hats and work boots cannot be accommodated.


How does it work?

Vending machines are fitted with an electronic reader, server connected via onsite LAN (local area network) or GPRS modem (standard SIM Card). Dedicated Smartcards or key ring e-Tags can be provided to allow staff to access items. Alternatively, clients may choose to use existing employee cards by simply adding a PayWave sticker. Pre-determined usage levels can be set by employee and per period.

How are products re-stocked?

Automatic replenishment can be set-up so that a product order can be triggered when stock in the machine is at a minimum set level. This order can be sent to your procurement department or direct to Yakeen Safety to reduce order lead time.


What reports can I generate?

Reports are available online which provide itemised information. Detailed data includes;

  • Vending machine number and site location
  • Date & time items exact item(s) were dispensed
  • Employee name & ID details
  • Units and value of items dispensed
  • Data can be filtered by machine, by site, by product, by date range and exported to excel, pdf or html.

What about service?

Vending machines are fitted with I-Vend, which is a laser system that guarantees that product is dispensed every time. In the case of a product jam, the system will allow the user to cancel the transaction or make another selection.

This iVend Guaranteed Delivery System reduces service calls for mis-loaded product.

For faults, unlimited free phone technical assistance is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday through our vending supplier.

If replacement parts are required, parts are sent via Australia Post Express Parcel Post Delivery. Service is generally next day for most metro areas or within 2 working days for regional.

What does it cost?

Vending machines are available for rental over 12 to 48 months. Alternatively a purchase price can be negotiated.

Costs include delivery and setup, 12 months service and maintenance and 12 months parts and warranty.

Unlimited phone technical assistance is available at no charge for the full duration of the rental agreement.


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